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Duff McDuffeeDuff McDuffee is certified as a trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming with the iNLP Center. He also works as the Office Manager for Real People Press, the publishing company of two highly renowned developers of NLP, Steve and Connirae Andreas.

Duff is deeply passionate about science- and reality-based approaches to personal change, and is constantly seeking the most effective ways to help people become better human beings.


Duff McDuffee received his undergraduate degree from Lawrence University, a small liberal arts college often called “the Ivy League of the Midwest.” He graduated with a degree in Philosophy, having focused his studies around ethics, psychology, cognitive science, and environmental science.

Dissatisfied with academic philosophy and studying the mind from the outside, he discovered NLP in 2002. Having engaged in personal development and change since an early age due to personal limitations, Duff found NLP to be the first set of tools that really helped make a big difference in his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as his communication skills. He has also practiced Vipassana meditation in the style of S.N. Goenka’s 10-day courses, and enjoys a personal yoga practice and strength training with oddly shaped implements like kettlebells and clubbells.


Duff has been coaching people to make significant positive changes with clients all over the world since 2003. His style is solutions-focused and consultative, getting specific about the outcome you want and using the tools of NLP to find the fastest, most elegant way to make it happen. Duff currently works for two founders of NLP, Steve and Connirae Andreas, and has learned many of their techniques which he uses with clients and with himself including the very powerful “spiritual” NLP process Core Transformation.

Duff has taught Introduction to Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Introduction to NLP with the Denver School of Hypnotherapy, has assisted as a coach on numerous Core Transformation trainings with Tamara Andreas, has trained in Andrew T. Austin’s excellent Metaphors of Movement model, and attended other advanced NLP trainings in addition to many years of obsessively studying and applying personal development tools in his personal life.

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