• http://deepexistence.com Stephen Guise

    Duff, this is a fantastic post! You’re a good writer with an analytical mind to take advantage of that skill. Your writing and analytical “logical progression” style of dissecting a topic seem quite similar to mine, and more so than anyone I’ve seen. Thanks for mentioning Mini Habits and the course!

  • Reece Crump

    I’m actually writing a counter argument for a school paper. Nice article man, it’s being a great help too my paper to have a devils advocate. p.s. ever hear of Epicurus? He’s a hedonist philosopher that said there are immediate pleasures and true pleasures, like the difference between having donuts and spending time with your loved ones. he said the only way you can be happy is by pursuing these true pleasures, hence, you can be a hedonist and still seek meaningful experiences. Thank you and keep up the good work

    • http://scientificgoals.com/ Duff McDuffee

      Hi Reece, sounds like an interesting paper! Epicurus is certainly interesting, I should really read more Epicurus.

      I subscribe to the Stoic school of philosophy which historically was opposed to Epicureanism, so makes sense that you’d be writing a counterargument to mine. 🙂

      Take care,